Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 1 gets high audience share in Korea – first episode suggests could be one of season’s best

MBC’s new fantasy rom-com drama Kokdu: Season of Deity looks like it could be one of the most successful of 2023. At least if the ratings for its first episode are anything to go by.

That is because, according to Nielsen Korea, Kokdu: Season of Deity Episode 1 earned a 4.8 percent share of the nationwide audience in Korea in that time slot last night, with the same 4.8 percent in Seoul.

Kokdu: Season of Deity stars  Kim Jung Hyun, Im Soo Hyang, Kim Da Som, Ahn Woo Yeon, Kim In Kwon, and Cha Chung Hwa.

The new K-drama is directed by Baek Soo Chan and Kim Ji Hoon, and tells the story of former human Kokdu (played by Kim Jung Hyun), a now immortal grim reaper who returns to the world every 99 years to punish humans for their transgressions and return their souls to the after life.

This time around, he possesses the body of a young medic called Do Jin Woo (also played by Kim Jung Hyun), but he soon finds his mission is affected when he is forced to carry out his medical work.

To complicate matters even further, he meets Han Gye Jeol (Im Soo Hyang), a doctor who is mysteriously able to not only order him to do anything she wants him to and his body must obey, but also keep him under her spell.

Kokdu now wonders if he and Han Gye Jeol knew each other in a previous life and if, by being involved with her now and falling in love with her, it will prevent him from doing his once-a-century job.

The first episode of Kokdu: Season of Deity premiered in Korea last night (Friday, January 23rd), with the second episode airing later today.

From then on, Kokdu: Season of Deity will air every Friday and Saturday night at 21:50 KST via MBC TV.

But it isn’t just Korea that can benefit from a good fantasy romance K-drama, as the series is also streaming via Viki outside Korea.

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