Love Song for Illusion Episode 11 ratings fall again

Still of Park Ji Hoon used to illustrate the Love Song for Illusion Episode 11 ratings story

Love Song for Illusion ratings have been yo-yoing for a while now

One thing I do not understand about Korean TV is why the Love Song for Illusion ratings have been up and down over the last six episodes, and still do not show any sign of steadying themselves.

After all, while yesterday’s episode of the historical K-drama saw a solid audience share rise, today’s Love Song for Illusion, Episode 11 ratings are now out just in time for us to learn the KBS2 drama has dropped back down to the all-time low ratings it received for Episode 9.

According to Nielsen Korea’s latest data, that nationwide Love Song for Illusion, Episode 11 rating was 1.7 percent.

That rating is also a drop from Episode 10’s 2.1 percent of the viewership nationwide, as well as less than half the audience share the Korean drama earned for its first episode on January 2nd (4.3 percent).

With a consistently interesting plot, superb performances from its leads Park Ji Hoon, Hong Ye Ji, Hwang Hee, and Ji Woo, and lovely cinematography, it is surprising then that the Korean drama is still struggling to find its steady audience at home.

Love Song for Illusion continues to perform well internationally

Thankfully for the Love Song for Illusion cast and crew, however, the KBS2 drama has been performing extremely well outside South Korea.

International viewers like those frequenting the My Drama List website, are consistently rating the K-drama higher than an 8.0 out of 10, while Viki viewers have not dropped the drama below a 9.3 out of 10.

Comments on various drama-focused sites are also positive, especially when it comes to the performance of male lead Park Ji Hoon, who is playing two personalities almost flawlessly.

With just five episodes of Love Song for Illusion still to air, the next episode will air on KBS2 on Monday, February 12th at 10:10 pm (KST), and then stream on Viki and KOCOWA in various international regions.

Fingers crossed the drama will grab a larger audience share throughout the rest of its run as, yes, sometimes the plot is a little messy, but it is generally still an interesting and entertaining watch.

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