Love to Hate You 8th most watched Non-English series on Netflix – well, it is hilariously funny

The Korean romantic comedy drama Love to Hate You is still doing well on Netflix.


So well, in fact, Love to Hate You was the eighth most-watched non-English TV series on Netflix during the February 6th to February 12th, 2023 period, with more than 11.27 million hours of the hilarious rom-com watched that week.

Love to Hate You premiered on Netflix on February 10th.

The series was written by Choi Soo Young (My ID is Gangnam Beauty), and directed by Kim Jung Kwon (Lie after Lie).

It stars Kim Ok Bin, Teo Yoo, Kim Ji Hoon and Go Won Hee, and tells the story of lawyer Yeo Mi Ran, an independent kick-ass woman who has zero interest in being in a romantic relationship, as her only interest in men is to best them at everything.

Then she meets Nam Hang Ho, a famous actor who is known for being one of Korea’s most famous romantic leading men. In reality though, he doesn’t trust women, and has no idea how to relate to them.

As you might imagine, the two meet and, well… you will have to watch Love to Hate You to find out.

Meanwhile, I have just finished watching Episode 4 and let me just say there is more than one reason why Love to Hate You is the eighth most-watched non-English TV series on Netflix right now.

And it is not just the superb acting and hilarious plot.

Love to Hate is currently streaming via Netflix. If you enjoy a standout Korean rom com with both a male and female lead you will like, you should give it a try.

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Michelle Topham