Marry My Husband Ep 10 hits double digit ratings – is also a huge international hit

Photos courtesy tvN

The ongoing Park Min Young-led drama Marry My Husband, Episode 10 aired on tvN last night to not only its highest rating yet, but it also hit double digits in ratings both nationwide and in Seoul for the first time in its run.

According to the Nielsen Korea data for January 30th, Marry My Husband, Episode 10 grabbed 10.71 percent of the nationwide viewership, which is substantially up from its previous episode’s already high rating of 9.84 percent.

The K-drama earned the same success in Seoul where its rating was an even higher 11.76 percent of the audience share — up from Episode 9’s rating of 11.11 percent.

Then again, when Park Min Young sashayed down that hallway wearing black leather shorts and a sexy black top in Episode 9 of the already popular rom-com, it was pretty much a given the Korean drama’s ratings would only go up from there.

With six episodes of the 16-episode Marry My Husband yet to air, there is also still plenty of time to see the drama’s ratings increase even more.


Marry My Husband is a huge international hit

Meanwhile, Flix Patrol is reporting Marry My Husband is the #1 TV show on Amazon Prime for January 31st, and is in the Top 10 (and mainly in the Top 3) in 111 countries.

That is an increase from the 88 countries the Korean drama hit the Top 10 in during the middle of January.

It seems it is easy to say Park Min Young and co-stars Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, and Song Ha Yoon have a big hit on their hands.

If you have watched the Korean rom-com though, you will know that hit is well-deserved.

The next episode of Marry My Husband will air on tvN in South Korea on Monday, February 6th, with Amazon Prime streaming the Korean drama worldwide on the same day.

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