Marry My Husband Ep 9 earns ANOTHER all-time-high rating – then again Park Min Young is so good in this

Photo courtesy tvN

Is anyone surprised that the ongoing Korean rom-com Marry My Husband just continues to rise and rise in the ratings?

I can’t say I am, as it really is one of the better dramas out of South Korea in a while, and with superb performances from Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung and Song Ha Yoon, as well as a highly entertaining plot.


No wonder then Marry My Husband, Episode 9 aired in South Korea earlier tonight to another ratings rise and yet another all-time-high rating for the tvN drama. (Ratings via Nielsen Korea)

Those ratings were 9.84 nationwide, which is just a smidgen from its first ever double digit rating, as well as over a 1.0 percent increase from its previous episode’s 8.64 percent.

Meanwhile, Seoul viewers helped increase the Marry My Husband, Episode 9 rating even higher, causing the K-drama to garner 11.11 percent of the viewership in the region.

That is the second time the Park Min Young-led drama has made it into double digits in Seoul, and quite a bit higher than its previous all-time-high rating of 10.36 percent for Episode 7.

The next episode of Marry My Husband will air tomorrow, Tuesday January 30th on tvN with Amazon Prime Video streaming it for its international subscribers.

Honestly, Park Min Young has been so good in this one, going from the pitiful Kang Ji Won to a woman who becomes more and more kickass in each new episode (that slow walk in the black leather hot pants in Episode 9 was fabulous), it really is difficult to wait even 24 hours for another episode.