My Dearest E17 rating LOWEST of last four episodes but still STRONG going into final 3 episodes

Photo of Namkoong Min in My Dearest courtesy MBC

My Dearest, Episode 17 sees 0.60 percent ratings fall from Episode 16

One thing that irritates me more than almost anything is so-called “writers” putting out information they obviously haven’t even spent two seconds checking before hitting “publish”.

Writers that will tell you a rating for a certain K-drama is “such and such”, when one glance at the ratings on Nielsen Korea, or at the Wikipedia page for the drama, will show you that isn’t true.

Case in point, no matter what certain writers would like you to believe, when My Dearest, Episode 17 aired last night in South Korea its rating was not its highest rating for Part 2.

In fact, My Dearest, Episode 17’s rating of 11.4 percent is a fall to the drama’s lowest in its last four episodes, with quite a drop from its real “all time high” for Part 2 of 12.00 percent, which My Dearest, Episode 16 earned last week.

The Korean historical drama did not see a ratings drop in Seoul, however, as its rating there remained the same 11.30 percent it earned for its prior episode.

Not that it is huge news if My Dearest‘s ratings dropped, as the drama’s rating for Episode 17 was still very strong, and likely to be stronger for its final three episodes coming up.

The MBC drama has also consistently earned strong ratings from Episode 7 onwards (with a couple of minor blips), which is why it is no wonder there is talk about extending the series and filming a couple more episodes. (I wish they wouldn’t but that’s another gripe).

And no, I don’t usually go off on other writers, but there are a couple of websites that consistently publish incorrect information about drama ratings and, frankly, it just pisses me off as it is a disservice to their readers.

And yes, I do make mistakes, but I check, double check and triple check before I hit “Publish” to try to prevent that from happening. A pity others don’t.

Only one episode of My Dearest airing this weekend

And just a reminder, the Saturday night episode of My Dearest was the only one airing this weekend, as its usual Friday night episode did not air due to a baseball game pre-empting it in South Korea.

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The next episode of the MBC historical drama will air next Friday, October 10th at its usual time — unless a baseball game pops up to stop that. Ugh.

For those viewers outside South Korea, you can now watch My Dearest, Episode 17 on Viki. And you should, as the historical romance drama has consistently been one of the best of 2023.


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