My Demon Ep 11 stills have Gu Won and Do Hee’s happiness in danger as Gu Won remembers his past life

My Demon, Episode 11 stills hint at upcoming upheaval as Gu Won feels guilty about his past life

With My Demon, Episode 11 due to premiere today, SBS has released stills from the episode (see above and below) that appear to show a happy Gu Won and Do Hee but, when Gu Won is alone, a demon who is haunted more and more by his life when he was still human.

The episode will kick off after the events of Episode 10, when we left Jeong Gu Won having just rescued Do Do Hee from a raging fire, and miraculously seeing his demonic powers returned to him because of it.


In one of the new My Demon, Episode 11 stills Gu Won (played by Song Kang) and Do Hee (Kim Yoo Jung) stare lovingly into each others’ eyes, while stills of the couple alone also show them seemingly happy.

Another still, however, has Gu Won alone on the top of the tower staring down at the city with a haunted look in his eyes as he remembers some of the terrible things he did when he used to be human.

Will those memories threaten his happiness with Do Hee, or will they tear them apart?

Gu Won talks about his past life “I killed people when I was human”

According to the My Demon production team, while Gu Won is happy he has now had his powers restored, Episode 11 will also see him conflicted as his past life’s events flood back.

On an Instagram post on the official SBS account that features the Episode 11 trailer, they tease Gu Won saying “I killed people when I was human”.

Now all we need to know did he do it because he was evil, or because he was trying to save something or someone he loved?

My Demon, Episode 11 titled “A Paradise of the Ominous” has just aired in South Korea on SBS, and is now streaming internationally on Netflix.

Check out the stills from the episode, which also include one of the superb Korean actress Cha Chung Hwa as a homeless woman who turns out to be a deity.

In the Episode 11 still, she appears to be upset that her predictions about the deaths of either Gu Won or Do Hee have not come true.

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