What is song on My Demon Ep 1 end credits and as Do Hee and Gu Won are on the beach

There is an utterly gorgeous song playing over the My Demon, Episode 1 end credits that wasn’t officially released until three weeks after the episode aired.

Frustrating for fans, who were dying to know who sung it and where they could find it.

A song that began playing at the end of My Demon, Episode 1 as Do Do Hee (played by Kim Yoo Jung) and Jeong Gu Won (Song Kang) are on the beach after having almost drowned, and Gu Won realizes his tattoo is now on Do Hee’s wrist.

It continues playing as the pair stare at each other, drops of water hover around them and Do Hee begins to realize Gu Won may not be what he seems.

The song then plays over the first episode’s end credits, and also appears at the end of Episode 3.

What is the song playing on My Demon, Episode 1 end credits?

The sweet balled is called ‘Even If We Disappear’ and is performed by Korean singer and rapper DAWN, a former member of the boy band PENTAGON.

DAWN (formerly known as E’Dawn) went solo in 2019, after leaving PENTAGON in 2018, and has since released three EPs and seven singles, as well as several collaborations with other artists including his former fiancee, singer Hyuna.

Even If We Disappear‘ (titled 우리 사라져도 in Korean) was written by Kim Woon Jin and Lee Seong Geun, and was officially released via SBS Contents Hub and Kakao Entertainment on December 9th via the My Demon OST, Part 4.

Its lyrics talk about how, even if the lovers are parted and can no longer see each other, he will never forget her or how she made him feel:

Our meeting… Our love and memories
My tears and my lingering feelings
They make me think about you
Even if we disappear
Even if I can’t see you
For me
I won’t forget you

The beautiful ballad also received an official music video on the same day, which was uploaded to YouTube with views counting towards its position on the Korean music charts, and comprises scenes from early My Demon episodes.

So far, the ‘Even If We Disappear‘ video has earned almost 252,000 plays in just nine days, as well as over 218,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Listen to ‘Even If We Disappear‘ by DAWN from the My Demon, Episode 1 end credits on that video and via the Spotify player below, which also features a lovely instrumental version of the track.

You can also watch the first eight episodes of the now-hit Korean series on Netflix.

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