What is song on My Demon Ep 2 as Jung Gu Won arrives at fountain to meet Do Do Hee?

The new SBS/Netflix drama My Demon premiered this weekend with not only a fun plot, lots of humor, beautiful cinematography and sets, and phenomenal chemistry between the two leads, but also a gorgeous song playing on My Demon, Episode 2.


You know, the song playing on the episode at around the 45-minute mark as Jung Gu Won arrives at the fountains where Do Do Hee is waiting for him.

The song starts as Do Do Hee (played by Kim Yoo Jung) is on the phone, and then sees Jung Gu Won (Song Kang) through the falling fountain water slowly walking towards her.

It is prefaced by the sound of a heartbeat, then the track begins and continues playing as Gu Won arrives in front of her, leaving her transfixed by him.

It stops playing as he hits the hang up button on her phone.

The lovely pop track then plays again later in the episode as the pair are standing at the river bank, and Do Hee thinks Gu Won is about to kiss her. Until he pulls her into the river with him.

What is that gorgeous song? A song you may very well have heard before, but not in this version.

What is song playing on My Demon, Episode 2 as Jung Gu Won arrives at fountain to meet Do Do Hee?

That song is a new version of the almost-classic Korean pop song ‘Our Night is More Beautiful Than Your Day’, which was originally released in July, 1996 by a Korean band called Kona.

Called ‘우리의 밤은 당신의 낮보다 아’ in Korean, you may have heard Kona’s original release of the song earlier this year during Episode 6 of the hit K-drama Crash Course in Romance, when it was played as Choi Chi Yeol and Nam Haeng Seon are at the campsite.

The track on My Demon, Episode 2, however, is a new cover of ‘Our Night is More Beautiful Than Your Day’ by the five member Korean girl group NewJeans.

Their cover was officially released on November 24th under license to Kakao Entertainment exclusively for the My Demon OST and, like its use on Crash Course in Romance, was the perfect track for those My Demon scenes.

Especially with these lyrics:

promise me
내게 약속해줘
오늘 이 밤
that you can protect me
나를 지켜줄 수 있다고
I’m going with you
함께 가는 거야
Trust me
나를 믿어

Listen to NewJeans’ ‘Our Night is More Beautiful Than Your Day’ as heard on My Demon, Episode 2 in the song’s official music video, which features scenes from the K-drama.

You can also hear it via the Spotify player below, which also includes a lovely instrumental version of the song.

Meanwhile, the first two episodes of My Demon are now streaming on Netflix, with the third episode due out on Friday.