My Heart is Beating stills have vampire Taecyeon look cool and elegant in 3 different eras

South Korean rapper, singer, actor and 2PM member Taecyeon was recently announced as the male lead in the upcoming KBS2 vampire drama My Heart is Beating (aka Heartbeat).

The drama premieres on June 26th and, with the obvious goal in mind of getting fans excited about Taecyeon’s role, KBS2 has released three photo stills this week that, I must admit, are already making me look forward to the fantasy drama even more.

In the three My Heart is Beating stills, Taecyeon appears as half-human and half-vampire Seon Woo Hyu.

A man who has lived over a hundred years as a vampire, because he missed his one chance to become human.

And a man who is still desperate to become human as he feels, until he does, he will not be able to experience the type of love for another person we humans often take for granted.


That, of course, means Seon Woo Hyu has also lived through several eras, with the My Heart is Beating stills showing Taecyeon wearing the suit styles of three of them — from one of the first-ever western suits worn in Korea in the late 1890s to the present day, when western-style suits in Korea are the norm.

The My Heart is Beating stills also show how cool and elegant Seon Woo Hyu (Taecyeon) was in all of them. And incredibly handsome, of course.


What is My Heart is Beating?

Called 가슴이 뛴다 in South Korea, My Heart is Beating is an original KBS2 drama that follows half-human and half-vampire Seon Woo Hyu as, due to various circumstances, he suddenly finds himself having to move into a guesthouse.

A guesthouse owned by Won Ji An, a woman who may be human but who is so cold and out of touch with her own feelings, she sometimes appears even less human than Woo Hyu.

As the pair begin to live together, however, even Won Ji An’s coldness won’t prevent her from developing the same feelings for Seon Woo Hyu that he may just be experiencing for her.

My Heart is Beating is due to premiere on June 26th, 2023 on KBS2, with each successive episode airing in their Monday and Tuesday drama slot.

Enjoy the beautiful Taecyeon stills above, and check out the very short teaser for the drama below as Taecyeon wakes up in a coffin.

Update: June, 2023My Heart is Beating, now called HeartBeat, is streaming via Amazon Prime Video.

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