No, Park Bo Gum has not signed with HYBE – or YG Entertainment either

While reports have been going around various South Korean entertainment websites in the last few days that actor Park Bo Gum will be signing with agency HYBE, we now know that’s not true.

The rumor began earlier this week when so-called “industry insiders” spoke to Korean news media saying HYBE is working on signing Park Bo Gum, and is going so far as to set up a management team for the actor.

HYBE themselves came out earlier today confirming the reports are not true. Park Bo Gum is not signing with HYBE.

Park Bo Gum isn’t signing with YG Entertainment either

HYBE is also the second agency to deny they will be representing the actor, as YG Entertainment has also previously denied they will be representing him.

Rumors began, like they always do about an actor’s management, when Park Bo Gun himself left his previous agency Blossom Entertainment in December. An agency he had been with for a decade.

YG Entertainment was the gossipers’ first target, followed by HYBE.

I wonder who they’ll target next with their lies?

Meanwhile, the actor himself has not announced the agency he will be signing with.

In other words, we will know the name of the agency when he does.

Update: January 29th, 2023 — The actor has confirmed that THE BLACK LABEL is the new agency he has signed with. Hopefully now the gossipers will back off.

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