Park Bo Gum signs with THEBLACKLABEL who vow to “go all out” in their support of the Korean actor and singer

With rumors swirling over the last couple of weeks Korean actor, musician and singer Park Bo Gum was signing with several different agencies, with agencies like YT Entertainment and HYBE coming out saying “No, he isn’t”, it has now been confirmed which agency the Korean actor has just signed with by the agency itself.

That agency, THEBLACKLABEL, confirmed Park Bo Gum has signed with them today with this announcement:

We have signed a management contract with Park Bo Gum, who is one of South Korea’s leading actors, and who has been receiving the love and trust of the general public while switching back and forth between small and large screens.

We are delighted to work together with actor Park Bo Gum, whose global influence extends beyond Korea. As actor Park Bo Gum has a wide variety of charms and talents, we will maximize our use of THEBLACKLABEL’s strengths and expertise so that he can deepen his charms in many different fields, including as an actor.

We will go all out in our support of him all over the world

The popular actor, of course, is a major catch for THEBLACKLABEL.

A South Korean agency that is primarily known for being a record label, and an independent sub-label of YT Entertainment (so rumors about this new partnership were not too far off then, eh?).

Big Bang’s Taeyang is already signed with the agency, as is Korean/Canadian rapper Jeon Somi, hip hop singer Zion.T, singer and producer Loren, actress and model Lee Joo Myung, and Korean/American rapper and record producer Teddy Park.

In the last decade, the 29-year-old actor has starred in hit dramas like Encounter, Reply 1988, Love in the Moonlight and Wonderful Mama. His performance has stood out in every one of them.

He left his former agency, Blossom Entertainment, after a 10-year relationship with them in late 2022.

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