Nothing Uncovered Ep 2 ratings hold steady as the intrigue continues

Photo courtesy KBS2

The new KBS2 drama Nothing Uncovered aired its second episode last night to steady ratings, both nationwide and in Seoul.

Those Nothing Uncovered, Episode 2 ratings, according to data via Nielsen Korea, were 2.7 percent nationwide and 2.8 percent in Seoul.

That means the Korean drama saw a tiny 0.1 percent drop in its nationwide audience share, while maintaining the same rating in Seoul as its previous episode.

Viewer comments about Nothing Uncovered

Comments about the K-drama, so far at least, are mixed with some on social media obsessing over whether the husband (nicely played by Jang Seung Jo) is involved in the murders/cheating or completely innocent.

Quite a few others are upset that main character Seo Jeong Won (Kim Ha Neul), who is supposedly an intelligent journalist, possibly destroyed evidence at a crime scene — twice — by moving both bodies. (Yep, that was a dumb move. Twice.)

Viewers obsessed with both issues will just have to wait to see how this drama full of intrigue and misdirection all pans out, eh?

Meanwhile, a few others are desperately hoping that, this time, actor Jang Seung Jo “won’t lose a wife for the third time” (Strangers Again, anyone?)

Where to watch Nothing Uncovered?

Nothing Uncovered (called  멱살 한번 잡힙시다 in Korea) stars the very well-cast Kim Ha Neul, Yeon Woo Jin and Jang Seung Jo in the main roles.

The Korean drama airs every Monday and Tuesday evening on KBS2 at  22:10 (KST), with both Viki and Kocowa streaming it for their international subscribers.

On Viki, by the way, Nothing Uncovered (from the albeit small number of 15 viewers rating it so far) is currently being rated a 9.7 out of 10 after two episodes.

Those viewers commenting on it seem very pleased with what they’ve been served so far.

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