Polina Gagarina Releases ‘Любовь тебя найдет’ From ‘Одной левой’ Soundtrack (Video)

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Polina Gagarina releases Любовь тебя найдет’ ahead of Eurovision 2015

It’s the day before the Eurovision 2015 rehearsals start in Vienna, Austria and Polina Gagarina is going to be pretty busy for the next two weeks, but that hasn’t stopped the Russian representative from releasing a new single.


Called ‘Любовь тебя найдет’ or ‘The Love You Will Find’, the song was co-written by Gagarina and Mikhail Mironov, and is from the soundtrack of the Russian film ‘Одной левой’ (‘One Left’). It’s a beautiful ballad, and the perfect showcase for Gagarina’s gorgeous voice.

As for Polina herself, she’s currently representing Russia at Eurovision 2015 with her song ‘A Million Voices, an anthem written to bring people together for ‘peace and healing’, and one bound to strike a chord with millions of Eurovision viewers.

In fact, I’d say Gagarina is pretty much guaranteed a Grand Final ticket as the song is beautiful, and she has an incredible voice. And, God, she’s gorgeous.


Michelle Topham