Revenant Ep 10 gets HIGHEST Saturday ratings as drama nears its end

Photo courtesy SBS TV

Revenant‘s Saturday show usually has a lower audience share than episodes airing on Friday

The Korean drama Revenant, Episode 10 aired on SBS TV last night, with the drama earning its highest Saturday rating for its entire run so far.

According to Nielsen Korea, Revenant Episode 10 garnered 10.9 percent of the audience share in South Korea nationwide.

That is an increase from the drama’s Friday evening show of 10.4 percent.

In Seoul, Revenant Episode 10 performed even better with 12.0 percent of the audience share, up from its Friday night’s episode rating of 10.4 percent.

Considering the drama’s Saturday night episodes are usually rated lower than episodes airing on Friday evenings, last night’s rating suggests the drama will continue to see a larger audience share during its final two episodes as well.

Revenant stars Kim Tae Ri, Oh Jung Se and Hong Kyung.

Its final two episodes will air next Friday and Saturday evenings on SBS TV, with Disney Plus streaming the mystery horror drama in select international markets soon after.


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