Strangers Again, Episode 12 rating highest yet although viewers disappointed with the ending

With the ending of the Korean drama Strangers Again disappointing for many fans currently discussing it, it is interesting then that Strangers Again, Episode 12 rating earned its highest viewership of the entire series.

Then again, the bump in viewers in Korea last night was likely due to viewers simply wanting to know if the two leads end up together.

That is why the Strangers Again, Episode 12 rating was its’ highest yet, with the nationwide Korean audience earning the drama 1.76 percent of the audience in its time slot, while 2.1 percent of viewers in Seoul watched it.

Those numbers, while still low as K-dramas go, put Strangers Again, Episode 12 at #2 in its time slot.

Interestingly Strangers Again, starring Kang So Ra and Jang Seung Jo as two divorce lawyers who used to be married to each other, struggled to gain much of an audience throughout its 12-episode run.

The drama kicked off its first episode in Korea in January with just over 1 percent of the audience in its time slot and, while the audience steadily climbed through most of the rest of the series, Strangers Again never did achieve much of a grip on audience numbers.

Those who did watch it blamed the poor character development of the two leads, and the ridiculous writing that had the female lead Oh Ha Ra (played by Kang So Ra) apparently not know even basic things about her ex-husband’s life.

The terrible communication between the pair that became irritating over time was just the cherry on the incredibly sour cake.

All of this then lead to situations that were not interesting but annoying to many people watching them.

As one commentator eloquently put it:

“Law practice, love, and divorce are potent ingredients that could’ve given us an unforgettable series – that’s the wasted premise. I was expecting a Matryoshka doll with layers of meanings. Instead I got a Barbie and Ken in power suits who are trapped in their own drama.”

Maybe that is why, even with the Strangers Again, Episode 12 rating better than many expected, overall the drama was largely ignored by most.

Strangers Again is currently streaming via Viki but, if you find a couple unable to communicate to the point that they cause their own problems again and again without seemingly learning at all from their mistakes, you might want to give this one a miss.


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