Tell Me That You Love Me Ep 8 ratings fall but international viewers ecstatic about the K-drama

Photo of Jung Woo Sung in Tell Me That You Love Me, Episode 8 — courtesy Genie TV/ENA

While the new Jung Woo Sung-led Korean drama Tell Me That You Love Me is still struggling to grab a solid audience in South Korea, outside the country it is doing spectacularly.

According to Nielsen Korea, Tell Me That You Love Me, Episode 8 aired last night on ENA to a nationwide rating of 1.59 percent.

That is a drop in ratings that had the drama almost back to the lowest ever rating it earned for Episode 1 (1.51 percent).

International audiences love Tell Me That You Love Me

Interestingly, however, audiences outside South Korea are not only raving about the Korean drama, but those who cannot find a legal streaming service to watch it on are becoming ever more annoyed as they hear others say how spectacular it has turned out to be.

According to IMDB, that site’s users are now rating Tell Me That You Love Me an astoundingly high 9.4 out of 10, while over on My Drama List, where anything above an 8.2 is a high rating, the drama is currently rated an average of 8.6 out of 10 from almost 9,000 people ranking it.

Comments about the romance drama are also overwhelmingly positive, and range from:

I’ve never been a fan of slow burn or healing dramas but I saw this and I decided to give a try wanting to see how they portrayed the male lead as a man with hearing impairment…And all I can say is WOW!! This is so good!! The male lead speaks so loudly with his eyes and body language!!! And our female lead is just perfect!!! This is so beautiful.


It’s been a very long time for me that an Asian drama has left me feeling this way! This drama touches my heart on a whole different level. I’m a harsh critic. However, I own that, because I think I’m factual in my feedback.

This drama. This drama, is beyond, beyond, beautiful in my mind. The dialogue between our two leads blows my mind. So thoughtful and beautifully written. The silence between them I find mesmerising. No words needed.

Tell Me That You Love Me stars Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Been, and airs every Monday and Tuesday evening on both Genie TV and ENA in South Korea.

The next episode of the drama will air in South Korea on December 25th, with Disney Plus streaming it in a very small number of regions for international viewers.


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