The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection Ep 8 ratings hit lowest all-time low for both seasons

Photo courtesy SBS

As the ongoing SBS drama The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection continues to limp along in the ratings, its latest episode aired last night to another drop, and to yet another all-time low.

This after The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection, Episode 7, managed to climb back up to over 3.0 percent, here we are with Episode 8 back down in the gutter again.

In fact, the newest figures from Nielsen Korea show The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection, Episode 8 dropped from Friday night’s 3.3 percent nationwide, to last night’s 2.3 percent.

A drop of 1.0 percent, and a drag from the 16th most-watched show on Friday to 26th on Saturday.

In Seoul, we saw a similar story, with Episode 8 of the Korean revenge drama dropping from 3.7 percent on Friday to 2.6 percent on Saturday night.

All of this shows last night’s episode of the second season of The Escape of the Seven earning far lower ratings than any episode in the Korean drama’s first season.

Next week, the SBS drama also kicks off its second half, so let’s hope we get to see some improvement then, eh? Especially as the show is still very entertaining.

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