Wonderful World Ep 14 runtime to be 20 minutes longer – a rewrite to end revenge drama properly?

Photo of Cha Eun Woo in Wonderful World courtesy MBC

MBC has announced their upcoming series finale of Wonderful World will be 20 minutes longer.

That means, instead of its usual 1 hour 10 minute episode, Wonderful World, Episode 14 will run for 90 minutes.

What that suggests to me is, as filming continued, it was realized by the production committee that the scripts they already had wouldn’t give the Kim Nam Joo and Cha Eun Woo-led drama a proper ending.

Hence, a rewrite (and a possible re-film?) to better wrap things up.

In any case, in South Korea, Wonderful World, Episode 14 will begin airing on MBC on April 13th 10 minutes earlier than its usual time of 21:50 (KST), and end 10 minutes later.

It will still show up around its usual time on streaming services. You’ll just have 20 minutes more of the episode to watch.

Production committee releases statement about Wonderful World, Ep 14 extended runtime

According to Ten Asia, the Wonderful World production committee also released a statement about the Wonderful World, Episode 14 extended runtime, which pretty much corroborates what I was just saying.

That statement (in translation form) goes something like this:

The 13th and 14th episodes, which will culminate in the grand finale, will reveal the reversal of the mystery that has been hidden until now, as the brutal politician Kim Joon and his coming retribution will unfold.

Therefore, we have decided to expand the plot to deliver the character’s narrative properly as the drama ends. As viewers have given us a lot of love, we will repay their support by making the final episode much more solid.

Fair enough, eh?

Meanwhile, Wonderful World has been dominating the ratings on Fridays in South Korea, even grabbing the #1 spot for all of Friday with Episode 11’s rating of 11.4 percent.

With only two episodes left then, the focus of millions of viewers is on the story ending properly.

Thankfully, with what appears to be an Episode 14 re-write, it looks like we’ll likely get it. Yay!

You can watch the first 12 episodes of Wonderful World now via Disney Plus.

The Korean drama’s final two episodes will then air on April 12th and 13th. And don’t forget that earlier start time for the Episode 14 Wonderful World series finale.

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