Wonderful World Ep 9 sees HUGE ratings increase – hits double digits for first time

Photo courtesy MBC

The South Korean drama Wonderful World, Episode 9 aired on MBC to a huge jump in its ratings, as it grabbed more than double the audience share it garnered for its first episode on March 1st.

According to Nielsen Korea, Wonderful World, Episode 9 earned 11.4 percent of the viewership nationwide.

That is an increase of an astounding 5.1 percent from its previous episode last week.

Meanwhile, in Seoul, the Korean drama performed even better, grabbing 11.7 percent of the audience, which is an enormous increase from Episode 8’s viewership of just 6.1 percent.

Due to those ratings, Wonderful World was the #1 most-watched show on Korean TV for all of Friday, with its closest competitors the new daily drama Su Ji & U Ri in second place with 9.4 percent, and The Two Sisters daily drama in third place at 7.3 percent.

And sure, Wonderful World was one of only two evening drama airing in South Korea last night, but that is still a superb ratings result for a show that has been nicely chugging along up until then.

Let’s see how the Korean drama performs tonight when its next episode premieres then, eh?

Where to watch every episode of Wonderful World

Wonderful World stars Kim Nam Joo, Cha Eun Woo, Kim Kang Woo, and Im Se Mi.

With five episodes left to air of the 14-episode series, the Korean revenge drama airs on MBC every Friday and Saturday evening at 21:50 KST.

Disney Plus is airing the Korean drama in select international regions.

According to Flix Patrol, it has been in the Top 10 on Disney this week in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and its home country of South Korea.

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