The Intimate Traitor cast is Han Seok Kyu, Han Ye Ri and Chae Won Bin – here’s what we know about the plot

Korean actresses Han Ye Ri and Chae Won Bin are set to join veteran actor Han Seok Kyu in MBC’s upcoming drama The Intimate Traitor.

The K-drama, which is titled 이토록 친밀한 배신자 in Korean, and is also known as Such a Close Traitor in English, is being directed by Song Yeon Hwa (The Red Sleeve).

The plot of The Intimate Traitor

This psychological thriller revolves around the moral quandary confronting Jang Tae Soo (played by Han Seok Kyu), a man who is Korea’s eminent profiler, as he unravels a dark secret involving his daughter amid an ongoing murder investigation.

Han Ye Ri stars as Lee Eoh Jin, a police officer in the Criminal Behavior Analysis team led by Jang Tae Soo. A man she thinks of as her mentor.

With a background in criminal psychology from the UK, Eoh Jin is a woman who always maintains a rational approach to any case she investigates.

Right now, however, her background and her senses are telling her that her mentor Jang Tae Soo may be hiding something.

Meanwhile, Chae Won Bin plays Jang Tae Soo’s teenage daughter, Jang Ha Bin.

Ha Bin appears to be an ordinary high school student but, upon closer examination, the teenager possesses the same uncanny ability to discern people’s thoughts.

Just like her father.

The secret she is currently hiding, however, could not only destroy her own life, but that of her father.

Han Seok Kyu, Han Ye Ri and Chae Won Bin’s previous roles

As K-drama fans will know, Han Seok Kyu is an actor who has starred in some of South Korea’s biggest hit dramas.

Beginning with Our Paradise in 1990, he has since been the main lead in dramas like The Moon of Seoul, Hotel, Dr. Romantic (all three seasons), and Watcher.

As for Han Ye Ri, the 39-year-old actress has starred in Hometown, My Unfamiliar Family, The Nokdu Flower, Age of Youth (both seasons), and Imaginary Cat.

The just 23-year-old Chae Won Bin has already appeared in My Lovely Boxer, When My Love Blooms, Strong Undercover, Snowdrop, and Secret Royal Inspector & Joy, as well as starred in Twenty-Twenty and The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning.

The Intimate Traitor is scheduled to be a Friday-Saturday drama on MBC, although there is no word yet as to when it will premiere.

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