Welcome to Samdalri Ep 14 hits record with double digit ratings as international fans rave about K-drama

Photo courtesy JTBC

The ongoing Korean drama Welcome to Samdalri, Episode 14 aired on JTBC in South Korea last night to a record rating, and one that crossed over into double digits for the first time.

According to the Nielsen ratings for Korea, Welcome to Samdalri, Episode 14 grabbed 10.06 percent of the audience share nationwide, which is a nice increase from its previous episode’s 9.32 percent.

In Seoul, where the Korean rom-com had already hit the 10 percent mark with Episode 12, Episode 14 garnered an even higher 10.79 percent audience share last night.

International viewers still rating Welcome to Samdalri with high ratings

The drama is also being rated high by international viewers, many of whom are raving about the performances of Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun.

My Drama List users are currently rating the K-drama with a high (for that site) 8.4 out of 10, with comments after last night’s episode ranging from:

I cried in the last two episodes 😳 I love the main couple (actually, I love all the couples in this drama. I would definitely watch some spinoff with the sisters’ stories), their chemistry is 1000000/10!!

We need to wait for the last two episodes, but I can already recommend this drama if you want a slice of life/ romance / wholesome drama.


Rare case where a drama gets better, instead of deteriorating, as it goes on. The second half is LEAGUES better in quality than the opening episodes.

(While I agree with the comment about the second half being better than the first, the first is still damned good as well, by the way).

The final two episodes of Welcome to Samdalri will air on JTBC in South Korea next Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST).

Netflix, where the K-drama is also one of the top shows on the streaming platform, will carry them for international viewers.

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