Will Lee Se Hee and Kim Sung Ryung star with Kim So Yeon in JTBC drama Quiet Sales?

Earlier today, various South Korean news media reported actresses Kim Sung Ryung and Lee Se Hee were joining Kim So Yeon in the JTBC drama Quiet Sales (working title).

Not long after Kim Sung Ryung’s agency, FN Entertainment, confirmed the actress is joining the cast of Quiet Sales, while Lee Se Hee’s agency J-Wide Company responded with the usual statement “She has received an offer to star in Quiet Sales, and is positively reviewing it”.

In other words, if you are a fan of both Korean actresses, don’t get too excited just yet.

What is Quiet Sales about?

While not much has yet been released about the new JTBC drama, we do know it is a period piece in that it takes place in the 1990s, and follows a group of women who work as door-to-door salespeople.

Kim So Yeon, who has already accepted a starring role in the new K-drama, is playing Jung Sook, a saleswoman who sells adult products.

Should Lee Se Hee accept the role, she will play a single mother who is also involved in the sales work.

Kim Sung Ryung’s previous work

As fans of the now-57-year-old actress will already know, Kim Sung Ryung already has an extensive body of work behind her.

Starting with a role in the film Who Saw the Dragon’s Claws? in 1991, she went on to star in a massive number of Korean dramas, including Youth Theater, Garden of Eve, Ms. Kim’s Million Dollar Quest, Queen of Ambition, Flower of the Queen, and Mrs. Cop 2.

Her most recent dramas include The Beauty Inside, Political Fever and the hit Netflix series Love to Hate You.

Kim Sung Ryung’s body of work also includes many films like The Room in the Forest, Believer, The Call, Keys to the Heart, with her most recent appearance as Loh Kiwan’s mother in the currently #1 on Netflix film My Name is Loh Kiwan.

Quiet Sales, in which she will also play a door-to-door saleswoman, will be her first K-drama of 2024, but hopefully it won’t be the incredibly talented actress’ last.

Lee Se Hee’s career up to now

As far as Lee Se Hee goes, while not possessing as large a body of work as Kim Sung Ryung (yet), if she does accept the Quiet Sales role alongside Kim Sung Ryung, it will be her second upcoming drama, as she is already starring in the 8-episode Love in the Big City.

The 32-year-old Lee has also starred in Fight Hard, Love Harder, Sandwich Theory, Young Lady and Gentleman, and her most recent drama Bad Prosecutor.

Fingers crossed Lee Se Hee accepts the Quiet Sales role, as it would be cool to see her in two dramas this year.

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