Woman in a Veil Ep 67 has viewers INCREASE but not back to HIGHEST ratings

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While the ongoing South Korean revenge melodrama Woman in a Veil (aka 비밀의 여자 in Korean) saw a slight fall in ratings over the last couple of episodes, ratings were heading back up after yesterday’s episode aired.

An increase that was to be expected considering Woman in a Veil has seen ratings go up and down in a similar pattern right from the KBS2 drama’s first episode on March 14th.

According to Nielsen Korea, those ratings were 10.9 percent nationwide yesterday, giving the drama a .40 percent increase in audience share compared to its previous episode.

In Seoul, Woman in a Veil, Episode 67 also saw an increase after the drama’s ratings had fallen for the previous two episodes.

That rating was 9.3 percent of the audience share, which was up .50 percent over Episode 66.

Both of those ratings placed Woman in a Veil in second place in its time slot for the day.

What are international viewers rating Woman in a Veil?

While Nielsen Korea shows actual viewer numbers for each episode of the drama, sites like My Drama List and Viki show audience opinion.

Something I find much more interesting than how many households had the TV turned on when the drama was airing.

Especially when the drama is one as polarizing as Woman in a Veil, with viewers either enjoying the craziness of the KBS2 drama or turning it off in disgust after they believe the plot becomes so ridiculous it is no longer watchable.

According to viewers on My Drama List, after Woman in a Veil, Episode 67 aired, the opinion rating is still at an incredibly low 6.9 out of 10.

For those who are still watching, however, that opinion rating is a higher 7.41 out of 10.

One comment after Episode 67 aired though may explain part of the attraction of the now-quite-ridiculous drama, and why some Korean drama production teams film the crazy plots they do:

I’m sure production is loving it because Knetz (term for ‘Korean netizens’) will be raging on social media which = engagement = ad revenue = profit LOL.

And, with that comment, she is probably correct.

Over on Viki, which is currently streaming Woman in a Veil for viewers in some regions, the melodrama is also only being rated a 7.6 out of 10.

Considering an average rating for a drama on that site is usually between 8.5 and 9.2, that is a low rating indeed.

The next episode of Woman in a Veil will air on KBS2 later on tonight, with Viki streaming it outside South Korea soon afterwards. Let’s see how its ratings fare tonight.

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