100 best things Conchita has done from 2014-2017 (#40-31)

100 best things Conchita has done from 2014-2017 (#40-31)

Numbers 40 to 31 of the ‘100 best things Conchita has done’ include a gorgeous Wider die Gewalt performance with just Conchita and a piano, her first concert in her first ever concert tour at Porgy and Bess in Vienna, and a Christmas TV show appearance where she was all kinds of perfect.

40 — Conchita’s first concert of her ‘Conchita Live mit Band’ tour, Porgy and Bess, Vienna

Conchita’s first ever concert tour kicked off in April, 2016 with a concert at Porgy and Bess in Vienna. A small venue that allowed audience members to be up close and personal with the lovely Conchita, and a concert I flew into Vienna from the United States to attend.

And while I thoroughly enjoyed her performance and the many lovely songs she sang, what will always stand out in my mind from that night is Conchita standing on stage with her band, with her family, friends and loyal fans in the audience, and her smiling so wide it looked like her face would crack.

Because I have never seen her look so happy, or felt such absolute joy almost roll off her in waves as I did that night.


39 — Conchita appears on ‘Spiel für dein Land‘

In January, 2016, Conchita appeared on a German TV show called ‘‘Spiel für dein Land.  A TV show where German, Swiss and Austrian celebrities compete against each other for a cash prize.

Conchita was on the show, not as a contestant, but as a guest star singing songs with lyrics missing that the contestants then had to remember.

And what was lovely about this appearance was Conchita in impossibly high heels, Conchita being helped down the stars by Austrian TV presenter Andi Knoll and the show’s host Jörg Pilawa, Conchita so incredibly excited about her upcoming first concert tour and Conchita singing in German for one of the first times.

On top of that, she was just so lovely to watch, with the sweetest, funniest, cutest personality, you just wanted to hug her and hug her and hug her. And man, just look at that stunning smile.

38 — Conchita surprises Bülent Ceylan on Grosse Überraschungsshow

Conchita seems to love surprising people, and does it as often as she can. It is not often, though, that we get to see her surprising another celebrity on national TV.

That, however, is what she did with German comedian Bülent Ceylan in late 2015 on the TV show Grosse Überraschungsshow (Big Surprise Show). A show Ceylan hosted, and a show during which he was persuaded to go backstage and come out wearing a Conchita wig, beard and a dress and sing ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’.

Little did he know, however, that Conchita herself was backstage and was about to come out and surprise him herself. When she did, the look on his face was priceless. And she was such a good sport, you just loved her more and more.


37 — Conchita performs at Wider die Gewalt, 2015

The second time I ever saw Conchita perform live was at Wider die Gewalt at the Ronacher Theater in Vienna. A concert held to benefit an Austrian charity, and one in which Conchita sang three songs.

What was special about this event for me was I had just met and interviewed Conchita backstage an hour before. The first time I had ever met her, and a meeting during which I decided I liked her even more than I had thought I did during the year and a half previous when I had written over 250 articles about her.

And what was lovely about the performance, other than how elegant and beautiful it was?

It was just Conchita on stage with a piano player, singing three songs that had been stripped back to their most simple form, and a form that showcased her stunning voice to perfection.

To such perfection, in fact, she brought the audience to their feet.


Conchita Wurst – « You are unstopable… von france2

36 — Conchita performs at ‘La Fête de la Musique in Nice, France, 2015

Conchita’s performance at La Fête de la Musique in Nice, France was not just about her performance, which was fabulous. It was also about her hip tilt (so sexy!), the ride she took to the venue with a police escort (she is the cutest thing ever in the back of the car), and, of course, her gorgeous performance in a kickass dress.

(See the article I wrote at the time about Conchita at La Fête de la Musique, and watch the very cute police escort video here).

35 — Conchita’s self-titled debut album goes platinum

During the lead up to the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna in 2015, Conchita was in a press conference at the event when she was surprised by the Division Head of Sony Music Austria with a platinum award for her self-titled debut album.

An album that had only been released six days before, but that had already gone platinum in Austria.

And what I loved about this event was just how much Conchita deserved this award, and just how lovely it was to see her get it at the Eurovision Song Contest, an event she had won just a year before and an event now being held in Vienna for the first time in 49 years because of her win.

Watch her at the press conference in the video above, and try not to laugh when she suddenly snaps to attention when she realizes she is being photographed. Awww, that’s my girl!


34 — Conchita’s Australian interviews

Conchita has always been known as one of those people that gives good interview. So much so, when you hear she is going to be appearing on another TV show, you get ready for her to be funny, sweet and cute, and with something interesting to see.

But, in May 2015, during her first trip Down Under, Conchita really did outdo herself in the interview department. To such an extent, she must have wowed half of Australia as she appeared on shows like Fitzy and Wippa, Network 10’s The Project and on The Feed.

You can watch all of Conchita’s Australia interviews (so cute and funny) here.


33 — Conchita sings on The Today Show in Australia

Every time Conchita sings live it is a lovely thing to watch, but she really outdid herself when she sang on Australia’s morning TV on The Today Show.

Because not only was she wearing the cutest red A-line skirt on her teeny tiny body, but her performance of ‘You Are Unstoppable‘ was lovely, and she was all flirty and cute with the host.

So much so, after Conchita had finished singing and the camera went back to the two anchorpeople, Lisa Wilkinson the female anchor could not stop herself from exclaiming “Oh wow. What a sweetheart”.

Yep, what a sweetheart indeed.

32 — Conchita singing ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ with Denmark’s DR Big Band

Conchita was in Denmark in late 2014, where she performed her winning Eurovision song ‘Rise Like A Phoenix‘ with Denmark’s DR Big Band.

And this version, with the addition of the band, was so different than the one we usually hear — elegant, smoky, rich and sexy — so much so it has stuck in my head ever since as one of the most beautiful performances of the song she has given.

31 — Conchita appears on ‘Starweihnacht bei Alfons Haider’ for Christmas

For  me, one of Conchita’s most memorable TV appearances was on the Austrian Christmas show ‘Starweihnacht bei Alfons Haider’ at the end of 2014.

And much of my fascination about this appearance was because of two things — how adorably pretty she was in that gorgeous JCHOERL dress, and how you could not take your eyes off her.

Because, even though she was in the company of two beautiful women and Austrian presenter Alfons Haider, there is something about Conchita — star quality, magnetism, an incredible vulnerability — that made me think of both Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana — and how Conchita has the same intense charisma those two women had.

Watch Conchita’s ‘Starweihnacht bei Alfons Haider’ performance on the three videos here. She is stunning.


With 30 more of the ‘100 best things Conchita has done‘ still to come, that’s it for tonight. I will be back again in the next couple of days with numbers 30-21. Meanwhile, here are the rest. Enjoy —

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