100 best things Conchita has done from 2014 to 2017 (#10-6)

100 best things Conchita has done from 2014 to 2017 (#10-6)

We have finally arrived on the top 10 best things Conchita Wurst has done from 2014 to 2017 — and this is numbers 10 through six.  And I have to admit, while I knew what my top four were from the moment I started thinking about compiling the list, the others on it were quite a bit more difficult to decide upon.

All of them, however, show a Conchita that is a true world-class performer and one that, in some cases, stepped far outside her original career goals to deliver something that is surprising and quite astounding.

10 — Conchita’s virtual duet with Shirley Bassey

When I first saw Conchita was planning a virtual duet with Shirley Bassey, the first thought that went through my head was “Oh God, this could be a disaster”, as virtual duets are difficult to do well and, in most cases, end up being annoying.

Plus Bassey is such a massive and iconic talent, it takes some balls to even think about trying to duet with her at her level. To not come off as looking like a bit of a fool is more difficult still.

Of course I should have known that, with Conchita, nothing is ever a disaster and nothing is ever less than as close to perfect as she can get it. I also should have known once she set her heart on something like this, she would not only do it to the best of her ability, but that ability would be almost on a par with Bassey or she wouldn’t even try.

But, when I watched Conchita’s performance on ORF’s ‘Great Moments‘, even I was blown away by just how good she was and by how well this Conchita/Bassey virtual duet had been designed to complement Bassey rather than trying to compete against her. And visually designed in such a way it had a powerful impact.

Watch Conchita dueting with Bassey in the video above and just see how everything, from that gorgeous gown to that stunning wig, was elegance personified and how Conchita’s performance was an enormous tribute to Bassey while, at the same time, showing Conchita as the superstar she is.

And please please please read my original article about Conchita’s virtual duet with Bassey, as it explains just why she is so phenomenal here.

9 — Conchita performs at Sanremo

In February, 2015, while we were still sadly in that era where bigots came out of the woodwork when Conchita was announced as performing in certain places, Italian bigots did not do themselves proud when they decided to protest Conchita singing at Sanremo.

Italy’s Sanremo festival, of course, is where the country chooses its Eurovision entrant for that year, and Conchita had been asked to perform as the winner from the previous year’s ESC.

Bigots, however, decided they were having none of it and began to bombard the TV station with complaints.

But this best thing Conchita has done had nothing really to do with the bigots, but everything to do with her.

Because she arrived on stage in one of the most beautiful gowns she has worn (JCHOERL) looking absolutely stunning, stood there as proud as I have ever seen her, gave one of the best performances of ‘Heroes‘ she has given, and then was lovely, polite and respectful when being interviewed afterwards by the host who was, frankly, a bit of a twat.

In other words, Conchita was someone who, unless you were one of the worst people on the planet, you could not help but love because she simply was…magnificent.

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8 —  Conchita on the largest billboard ever to hit New York’s Times Square

In December, 2014, I read a news article that Conchita was being featured on a billboard in Times Square as part of Google’s Top 10 Trending Global Searches for 2014. In other words, according to Google, Conchita had been searched for during 2014 more than almost any other person on the planet.

As astounding as that news was, what was even more spectacular was exactly where Conchita was appearing as part of this Google list.

Because, when I did a little research, I realized quickly the billboard she was going to be appearing on for the next few days was the largest electronic billboard Times Square had ever had and, on top of that, her face was going to be flashing up on the screen every couple of minutes during the biggest event ever put on in Times Square — the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Not bad for a girl from Austria who, up until May that year, hardly anyone had ever heard of.

7 — Conchita performs ‘You Are Unstoppable‘ at Austrian National Final

Conchita has always proven she is a world-class performer from the minute she appeared on that Eurovision stage in 2014.

In March, 2015, however, she proved it in spades.

Because that girl performed ‘You Are Unstoppable‘ during the Austrian National Final for Eurovision, 2015 and, while on live TV in front of several million people in Austria and a few million more outside the country, she walked on stage to sing and, I know without a single doubt, realized she couldn’t hear herself through her in-ear.

Now, when a singer cannot hear themselves, all kinds of problems ensue, as it is difficult to keep in time with the music when you can’t hear it or even know if you’re singing in key.

But Conchita did not let that phase her longer than the few seconds it took to think “Christ, that’s a problem”, because she sang that song as if everything was alright and, if you didn’t know what to look for, you would honestly never have noticed. In fact, I can guarantee you those millions of people never did.

A world-class professional that can masterfully handle any situation? From that night on, I have never doubted it.

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6 — Conchita performs at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna 

Conchita was chosen as the main performer for both the semi-finals and the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, 2015, held in her home town of Vienna, as well as the Green Room presenter.

And not only did she give a gorgeous performance of ‘Rise Like a Pheonix‘ while wearing a fairytale gown and gliding elegantly through that massive arena during semi-final 1, she rocked the Green Room interviews, was carried on a wire high above the arena during the final of the competition while singing ‘Building Bridges‘ and being terrified of heights, and gave a beautiful interval performance of ‘You Are Unstoppable‘ and ‘Firestorm‘.

On top of that, she stood up to people booing the Russian entrant Polina Gagarina simply because she was Russian and, in a nice way in front of hundreds of millions of people on live TV, told them to stop being as*holes.

Yep, Conchita rocked the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and rocked it and rocked it and rocked it.

That is numbers 10 through 6 of the best things Conchita has done. I’ll be publishing the top 5 in the next couple of hours, which will give you more than enough time to read about the rest of the top 100 as well.

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