2NE1 K-Pop Girl Band Concert in Myanmar: Fabulous as Always (Video)

2NE1 myanmar concert

K-pop girl band 2NE1 just played a concert in Myanmar last weekend, a country that for the longest time didn’t see that many bands from more developed countries due to its archaic military government. Since Myanmar started to be a lot more open last year, however, bands like K-pop girl band 2NE1 are flocking to Myanmar to sing for fans they weren’t able to sing to before.

2NE1 also seemed aware that some of their Myanmar fan base might not be familiar with songs from their older albums so announced to the Myanmar press they’d be singing primarily new hits during their “All or Nothing” concert. Much easier for fans to sing along, I’d say.

The only drawback of the 2NE1 concert in Myanmar was the price of tickets. Starting at $25 and going up to $900, that made these 2NE1 concert tickets some of the most expensive on the planet – when you take into consideration the average Myanmar salary is less than $2 a day.

Still, it was a sold-out concert and the 2NE1 girls were a huge hit with fans.

The 2NE1 “All or Nothing” concert didn’t just hit Myanmar, however. They’re also playing in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines.

Watch the cute 2NE1 girls at a press conference in Myanmar in the ODE video below.

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