A Bloody Lucky Day Ep 5 hits lowest ever rating – less than half Ep 1 audience

A Bloody Lucky Day, Episode 5 continues the drama’s ratings fall

The ongoing tvN drama A Bloody Lucky Day, Episode 5 saw its lowest ever rating last night — both nationwide, and in Seoul.

According to Nielsen Korea, A Bloody Lucky Day, Episode 5 earned just 1.92 percent of the audience share nationwide.

That number is a drop from its previous episode’s 2.1 percent, but even worse for the K-drama it is less than half of the audience share the thriller earned for Episode 1 (4.10 percent).

The Korean drama also saw a similar ratings drop with audiences in Seoul, where it garnered a rating of 2.13 percent — down from Episode 4’s 2.46 percent, and a far cry from Episode 1’s rating of 4.74 percent.

Ratings that still placed the tvN drama in 3rd place on cable TV for the day, however, so the news isn’t all gloomy.

Where to watch A Bloody Lucky Day outside Korea?

The tvN drama A Bloody Lucky Day stars Lee Sung Min, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Lee Jung Eun.

It is currently airing on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 22:30 (KST).

Unfortunately for international viewers, however, it is not only just about impossible to find the Korean drama on a legal streaming platform offering English subtitles, but it is also not being subbed anywhere else right now.

Paramount + has supposedly licensed the Korean drama but, them being as slow as they usually are, it will likely be sometime next year before A Bloody Lucky Day appears on their platform.

Fingers crossed then that we will eventually get A Bloody Lucky Day subbed properly on a legal streaming platform, as the tvN drama looks very cool, and it really is a shame to be missing it.

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