A Good Day to Be a Dog Ep 11 ratings hit all-time low but there’s a reason for it

Photo courtesy MBC

The Korean rom-com drama A Good Day to Be a Dog, Episode 11 aired on MBC last night to all-time low ratings.

Those ratings, according to Nielsen Korea, were 1.5 percent, which is quite a big drop from its previous episode’s 1.9 percent.

The drop put the Korean drama in 34th place for the day on South Korean TV.

That being said, there is an easy to figure out reason for A Good Day to Be a Dog, Episode 11’s ratings drop and that is the premiere of the new ENA drama Like Flowers in Sand, which airs in the same 21:00 time slot.

The premiere of competing drama Like Flowers in Sand

That show stars the excellent cast of Jang Dong Yoon, Lee Ju Myoung, Yoon Jong Seok, Kim Bo Ra, Lee Jae Joon, and Lee Joo Seung.

With its plot of young people at a crossroads in their careers while also dealing with relationships, the Korean drama’s target demographic is also the same as that of A Good Day to Be a Dog.

With A Good Day to Be a Dog only airing once a week, and with MBC making so many changes to its schedule since the drama began airing on October 11th causing it to lose some of its core audience, it will be interesting to see how the MBC drama fares against Like Flowers in Sand for its final three episodes.

After all, Like Flowers in Sand airs twice a week with its second episode premiering tonight, which also means it has more time to establish a strong core audience.

Last night, it also earned 1.48 percent ratings for its first episode, which is comparable to the 1.5 percent rating A Good Day to Be a Dog‘s earned at the same time.

Fingers crossed then that A Good Day to Be a Dog is able to regain its ratings during its last three episodes, as the drama has been one of the comfiest and most heart-warming shows of 2023.

It is just a pity MBC has messed around with its schedule so much, they have damaged its ability to succeed, or to fend off the advances of a show like Like Flowers in Sand.


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