Adam Jensen’s ‘Sandcastles’ Is Catchy, Cool and Makes You Want To Dance — Repeat Rotation Video


Adam Jensen‘s ‘Sandcastles‘ came across my radar yesterday as the latest upload on Mr. Suicide Sheep’s YouTube channel.

The track has ended up as my Repeat Rotation Video today because it’s just so darned addictive. And it’s one of those fabulous house tracks that makes you want to dance.

As for Adam Jensen, he is a singer, songwriter and producer from Boston who, after being kicked out of university for fighting, had a few years where he was always in trouble with the law.

After being arrested direct from a flight back from Los Angeles for violating his parole, however, he decided to turn his life around and put all his efforts into his music.

That now seems to be paying off as Jensen just released his debut EP. It includes ‘Sandcastles‘. You can pick up the single on iTunes.

Now get to playing ‘Sandcastles‘ over and over again as your Repeat Rotation Video today. That awesome beat will get your Sunday started off just right.


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