Aimee Osbourne/ARO’s debut single ‘Raining Gold’ is Spectacular (Video)

aimee osbourne raining gold


In the entertainment industry, there are a myriad of artists who got where they were as quickly as they did because they were the children of somebody famous. And then there are people like Aimee Osbourne, sister of the fabulous Kelly and the very cool Jack, and daughter of the amazing Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne (and, yes, I’m a long-time fan of the Osbournes, as I like people who tell it like it is and then live comfortably with the consequences).

Aimee Osbourne is someone who has seemingly shunned the spotlight always around her family, preferring to make her own way in life. Her ‘own way’ now being a new music career, with a brand new single, and an EP on its way.

Aimee sings under the name ARO (Aimee Rachel Osbourne) and, if her first single and video are anything to go by, she’s going to be a big star.

The debut single is called ‘Raining Gold‘. Her voice is ethereally gorgeous, the video is incredible (looks to me like only one shot made up the entire 4:15 film?) and the story behind the video is an interesting one. At least if I’m ‘feeling’ it correctly.

As to me, ‘Raining Gold‘ has a stuck under water, sluggish feeling. As if Aimée has been pulled into that world of mess and horror, a world she refuses to let touch her, but can’t even muster up the energy to drag herself out. (An analogy for her own life, perhaps?)

But then she does. Slowly and languorously and lugubriously walking to her car, and driving away.

ARO’s ‘Raining Gold‘ releases today, March 5th. All I can say is, if this is the caliber of work ARO is going to put out, I can’t wait to see more.


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