Alabama Shakes Sings ‘Gimme All Your Love’ Live at Coachella – Incredible (Video)

 alabama shakes sings 'Gimme All Your Love' live Coachella

Alabama Shakes sings ‘Gimme All Your Love’ live at Coachella

Like any other music festival, Coachella will have some amazing performances, as well as some not so great. But one that can be put into the so amazing you just keep listening to it again and again is Alabama Shakes singing ‘Gimme All Your Love‘ live at Coachella. Their performance was just jaw-dropping.

Alabama Shakes was on the Outdoor Stage on Day 1 of the festival, and lead singer-guitarist Brittany Howard was at absolute peak performance all the way through, but particularly during ‘Gimme All Your Love‘. I haven’t seen a more honest, passionate, raw performance in ages.

Watch it below, and you’ll see straight away why this band is only going to get bigger and bigger.

Alabama Shakes also sang ‘Future People‘ and ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’ from their upcoming second studio album Sound and Color, which you can currently pre-order on iTunes. It will be out on April 21st.

And, don’t miss Alabama Shakes promoting the album with another powerhouse performance, this time of ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’, on Late Show with David Letterman last month


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