Albania’s Elhaida Dani Releases Acoustic Version of ‘I’m Alive’: Awesome (Video)

elhaida dani i'm alive acoustic

Elhaida Dani, the Albanian representative for Eurovision 2015, has released an acoustic version of her Eurovision song ‘I’m Alive and it’s amazing. Even better than the original, if I can be so bold.

Elhaida Dani, of course, is the winner of The Voice of Italy in 2013, so is a big star in Italy and in her home country of Albania. On this acoustic version video, she definitely proves that.


As for Elhaida at Eurovision 2015, yes, she did make it from the semis into the grand final tonight, and will be singing in the 26th place. So at least she will be remembered when the voting starts.

Listen to it below.

Michelle Topham