Alejandro Fernández’ ‘Quiero Que Vuelvas’ is Simple But Beautiful


Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández’s new single ‘Quiero Que Vuelvas‘ (I Want You) was released a couple of weeks ago. It’s from his upcoming new album, and it is a track that is quite a bit more simple and minimalist than we have been used to from Fernández over the last few records.

Then again, as Fernández has pointed out in several interviews recently, the music on his latest album is far more simple overall, as he really wanted to just concentrate on the most important thing with this new offering. His voice.

Listen to Alejandro Fernández’s ‘Quiero Que Vuelvas‘ in the artistic video below to see how he has done it. The song might be minimalistic, but it is still a beautiful song. You can pick it up on most major digital music platforms.

Now I cannot wait for the album.

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