Alejandro Sanz and Malú Sing ‘Aprendiz’ Live: Incredible Performance: Repeat Rotation Video

alejandro sanz and malu aprendiz

My Repeat Rotation Video today is of Spanish singers Alejandro Sanz and Malú singing ‘Aprendiz‘. I’ve been a fan of Sanz for more than a decade, but I first came across Malú when I bought an Alejandro Sanz concert DVD a few years ago, and she was on it singing ‘Aprendiz‘ with him.

At the time, I remember thinking how was it possible I had never heard of a singer that was this good. But that’s the problem with singers that sing in languages other than English, they unfortunately rarely break into the mainstream music industry in the US or the UK. And these two countries are often where it really counts.

As for Alejandro Sanz and Malú singing ‘Aprendiz‘, Sanz, of course, is always incredible so it’s really no wonder he’s the biggest Spanish singer of his generation.

Malú, however, is one of those Spanish-language singers that should be far, far bigger than she is. Her voice is so strong and so beautiful, and she sings with such emotion that, even if you don’t speak Spanish, you will still love her songs.

Listen to Sanz and Malú singing ‘Aprendiz‘ in my Repeat Rotation Video below. Isn’t that one hell of a performance?

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