Alejandro Sanz and The Corrs Sing ‘Una Noche’ – Romantic and Lovely: Repeat Rotation Video

alejandro sanz and the corrs


Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz is quite simply a god.

I discovered him about eight years ago on a holiday in Spain, and immediately went to the local music store in the small Spanish town where we were staying and bought every CD he’d ever produced. While I loved every one, and still do, the first one I listened to, El Alma Al Aire., has remained my favorite Sanz album ever since. Every song on it is beautiful and his voice is so rich.

Luckily too, I bought the Special Edition of El Alma Al Aire, which came with a second CD and a video DVD that included Alejandro Sanz singing on two tracks, and two music videos, with the Irish band The Corrs. Those two tracks – Me Iré (The Hardest Day) and Una Noche are simply stunning.

And today, I’ve been listening to The Corrs and Alejandro Sanz sing ‘Una Noche‘ as my Repeat Rotation Video.

It’s a romantic song, I love the addition of The Corrs’ voices, which makes it so different then the original track, and, it has the added lovely bit of Alejandro Sanz playing a little bit of flamenco guitar.

Listen to it below and let me know if you like it in the comments below.

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