Alessandra Amoroso’s ‘Grito y No Me Escuchas’ is Spanish Version of ‘Urlo e Non Mi Senti’ (Video)

alessandra amoroso

Alessandra Amoroso’s ‘Grito y No Me Escuchas’ is Spanish version of an Italian hit

The Italian and Spanish languages are very similar. So similar, many of my Spanish friends also speak Italian and, they tell me, it didn’t take that long to learn as the roots of many words are the same. So, it makes perfect sense why singers like Italian singer Alessandra Amoroso are now starting to release some of their Italian-language songs in Spanish.

Alessandra Amoroso’s ‘Grito y no me escuchas‘ is just such a song. It’s the Spanish version of her hit ‘Urlo e non mi senti‘, a song she released back in 2010 and, yes, it’s just as beautiful as the original. If not more so, for me — one of the Spain obsessed.

In fact, if she keeps releasing songs in Spanish, I’m guessing Alessandra Amoroso could end up being a huge star in both Italy and Spain and, who knows, eventually, further afield.

Now watch Amoroso’s ‘Grito y no me escuchas‘ below, along with the original Italian ‘Urlo e non mi senti‘. Gorgeous, aren’t they?

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