Alvaro Soler Releases Debut Album ‘Eterno Agosto’ in Italy and Switzerland (Video)


Spanish singer Alvaro Soler has released his debut album, although oddly it’s currently only hit shelves in Italy and Switzerland so far. The album, called Eterno Agosto, includes his fabulous hit single ‘El Mismo Sol, which has been so popular since its release last month it has almost 10.5 million hits on YouTube.

As for Soler’s Eterno Agosto, it’s currently at number 19 in Italy, and number 128 on Switzerland’s album charts. We’ll see how well it does once it gets Europe-wide release.

Meanwhile, if you missed Alvaro Soler’s ‘El Mismo Sol‘, watch it in the video below. It’s wonderful. And, of course, if you can buy on Italian iTunes, here’s where you can grab Eterno Agosto.


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