Alvaro Soler’s ‘El Mismo Sol’ is Perfect Summer Song, So Catchy and Fun (Video)

alvaro soler el mismo sol

Alvaro Soler’s ‘El Mismo Sol‘ is catchy, fun and danceable

Spanish singer Alvaro Soler could just be the next big European thing, at least if his supremely catchy and fun new single ‘El Mismo Sol‘ is anything to go by. After all, the video for the track was uploaded to YouTube just over a month ago, and it has already garnered almost 4 million views.

As for Alvaro Soler, he is from Barcelona, he’s 24 years old, and recently signed with Mercury records. Oh, and did I mention he has a beard (you know what I’m like with beards) and he’s gorgeous.

As for ‘El Mismo Sol’, it’s the quintessential summer song. It has a great Latin beat, fabulous accordion, and a chorus that just keeps playing around and around in your head hours after you’ve stopped watching the video. Plus, it’s fabulously danceable.

And the video? Incredibly ‘Spanish’. I love it. Watch below.


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