American Authors’ ‘Before I Go’ music video shows drummer Matt Sanchez’s love for his wife

The new American Authors’ ‘Before I Go‘ music video could not be more joyful if they had spent a million dollars producing it. Because all the footage for the video comes from the wedding of the band’s drummer, Matt Sanchez.

San Antonio native Sanchez got married back in October last year, and best friend Jesse DeFlorio filmed the entire day. Just so the couple would have lovely memories to look back on.

The American Authors’ ‘Before I Go‘ music video shows Sanchez getting ready for his wedding surrounded by friends and family. It then moves on to him seeing his soon-to-be-wife in her wedding dress for the first time, and being enthralled.

The video ends with the couple and their family and friends dancing the night away. It illustrates perfectly the beautiful lyrics of the track — “I hope I live my life, before I go”.

Matt Sanchez and his love for his wife

Towards the end of the music video, we also hear Matt Sanchez’ talking about his new wife. A speech in which he tells her just why he is so happy he met her.

“I’ve always walked through life in the dark. But when you decided to hold my hand, your heart began to light my way. In you I saw a future I didn’t think was possible. A place where I could rest my bones and my mind, knowing that it wouldn’t be in vain.

In you I saw hope that I never knew existed. Or one day we’d get to tell our children the story of how we both met in a strange bar on that cold October night. In you I saw a beautiful soul carrying the weight of life, being constantly tested, and yet somehow finding your way.

Because what you are and what you believe is unmovable, and in you I saw love that I have never seen before. Because until I met you, I must’ve been blind.

This is not a promise of excitement or undying passion. Instead, this is a promise that when everything fails and the world has collapsed, that we can look under the earth and see that our roots, just like our souls, have grown together. And, as one, we will survive anything.

In you I’m constant, and nothing will change that.”

And yes, Matt Sanchez is a writer, with his first novel, No One Is Listening, published in February.

Watch the American Authors’ ‘Before I Go’ music video below. It really is one of the loveliest things.

Before I Go’ is from the American rock band’s latest album Seasons, which you can also hear in the Spotify widget below.

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