American Authors’ ‘Bring It On Home’ music video is sunny, uplifting and so wholesome

If you want to hear an upbeat jam that will just make you happy every time you listen to it, American Authors‘ ‘Bring It On Home‘ is that song.

If you want to watch a music video that is so incredibly wholesome and sweet, the just published American Authors’ ‘Bring It On Home’ video is that video.

The ‘Bring It On Home‘ video (and track) features American Idol winners Maddie Poppe and Phillip Phillips, who got together with the popular rock band recently to create a re-release of a track from the band’s 2019 third studio album Seasons.

The song itself is sunny and light, with a fabulous clap beat and a jolly banjo. One of those tracks you hear once, and then keep playing on repeat as it just makes you so damned happy to hear it.

Released back in September, it made it to the #34 spot on the U.S. Adult Rock chart.

The ‘American Authors’ ‘Bring It On Home‘ video not only features Maddie Poppe and Phillip Phillips looking as All-American as it’s possible to be in some pretty gorgeous locations, there are also a couple of incredibly cute dogs.

Dogs that just add the cherry on the cake to this uplifting and lovely video that will make you smile.

Check out the new and official ‘Bring It On Home‘ music video below. You can also listen to the song in the Spotify widget below, and also a stripped down version below that.

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