Andreas Bourani’s ‘Auf anderen Wegen’ is So Pretty: Repeat Rotation Video

andreas bourani


You know how YouTube is. Things pop up in your feed simply because you’ve watched something YouTube thinks is similar to…….that. And sometimes you ignore it, and sometimes you watch it. Like today, when that happened, and I ended up watching Andreas Bourani singing ‘Auf anderen Wegen‘ (‘In Other Ways’), a song that is so pretty. And a song that quickly became my Repeat Rotation Video for today.

And, no, before today, I’d never heard of Bourani before, but now I have, and he’s fabulous.

So, I went searching to see what I could find out about Andreas Bourani, and the long and short of it is he’s a German singer, who released his first album in 2011. Called Staub & Fantasie, it hit number 23 on Germany’s top-selling album charts. His second album ‘Hey‘ was released early in 2014, which is where ‘Auf anderen Wegen‘ comes from.

As for ‘Auf anderen Wegen‘, Bourani’s official video is what popped up in my feed. But I also found a video of Bourani singing ‘Auf anderen Wegen‘ live at joiz, which I also loved, as his voice is just as beautiful live as it is recorded. So, I’m including them both here.

Enjoy. And, yes, as always with my Repeat Rotation Video, listen with headphones, play it loud and, eventually with your eyes closed. But, do watch the first run through of Bourani’s official video first, as the film location is stunning.


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