Andreas Kümmert’s ‘Heart of Stone’ – Blues Rock at Its Best: Repeat Rotation Video

andreas kummert heart of stone

I’m going with Andreas Kümmert’s blues rock song ‘Heart of Stone‘ today as my Repeat Rotation Video.

The song, of course, was the one Kümmert won the German national final for Eurovision with earlier in the month, and then backed out of representing Germany with, allowing second place winner Ann Sophie to go in his place instead.

And it really is a pity Kümmert decided not to go to Eurovision with ‘Heart of Stone‘, as it’s such an amazing song. But, he obviously had his reasons.

Still, it’s a song I’m going to end up listening to a lot, as it’s such a perfect blues rock song — lyrically, musically and vocally.

It’s also a good song for my Repeat Rotation Video today. So watch it below. Awesome, eh?

And, if you enjoy this, don’t miss Kümmert ‘Home Is In My Hands’ as well. It’s just as perfect.

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