Andreas Kümmert’s ‘Home Is In My Hands’ is Beautiful and His Voice Stunning: Repeat Rotation Video

andeas kummert home is in my hands


The saddest thing about the run up to Eurovision 2015, and each country’s national final, was Germany’s Andreas Kümmert winning the German national final and then refusing to represent his country at Eurovision. His song was the best, he gave the best performance and he deserved to go.

Still, nobody knows what was going through his head. Why he thought that was the best thing to do, or what someone had even told him before the final that caused him to back down. But back down is what Andreas Kümmert did.

That sad event, however, did not stop me liking Andreas Kümmert or his music. And in particular his song ‘Home Is In My Hands‘, the song Kümmert sang during the first round of Germany’s national final for Eurovision. And a song that, had he chosen it as the one he wanted to sing at Eurovision, and then had decided to go, he had a good chance of winning with.

So, today, I’m listening to Andreas Kümmert sing ‘Home Is In My Hands‘ as my Repeat Rotation Video. The lyrics are simple but beautiful, Kümmert’s voice wrenches at your heart, and it’s a song I just want to listen to on repeat play all day. So, today, I am.


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