Angel Olsen’s ‘Sister’ Is Contemplative and Sweet — Repeat Rotation Video

angel olsen sister

As if Angel Olsen’s ‘Shut Up Kiss Me wasn’t fabulous enough, the indie folk rock singer has just released the video to her latest single ‘Sister‘, and it’s eight and a half minutes of awesome. Contemplative and sweet.

In the video, Olsen wanders around L.A. and then on in the desert singing about a sister. And, as Olsen herself was adopted at the age of three, it sounds very much like she’s ruminating on what it might have been like to have a sibling, and how much she herself may have changed if she had.

Sister‘ is from Olsen’s second album My Woman, which released on September 2ndAn album title that is perfect in itself, regardless of the music it contains, as it’s Angel Olsen saying she will be her own woman, thank you very much.

But the music too is pretty darned wonderful.

Watch and listen to Angel Olsen’s ‘Sister’ as my Repeat Rotation Video today because, yes, it’s on repeat in my house and it should be in yours.

And, of course, pick up her new album My Woman. Every track on it is gorgeous.

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