Angelina Jordan sings ‘Back to Black’ with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and makes my day — Repeat Rotation Video

Repeat Rotation Video — Angelina Jordan sings ‘Back to Black‘ with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and makes my day

I haven’t listened to a Repeat Rotation Video for a while as I just haven’t had time to listen to a lot of music above and beyond what I hear for Leo Sigh. But today, I not only wanted something on repeat that I really loved but I also wanted to remind you all of someone you may have forgotten about, or never heard at all.

Angelina Jordan, the 7-year-old Norwegian girl that won Norway’s Got Talent back in 2014.

Well, since then, Jordan has continued to sing in Norway and elsewhere, performing on shows like The View, Lilyhammer and Little Big Shots. She has also released several singles in the last couple of  years including Fly Me To The Moon, I Put A Spell on You and What A Difference A Day Makes.

Now Angelina Jordan’s debut album is due for release this year, so I thought it may be time to be reminded of just how phenomenal this now-10-year-old is.

Because she has a voice that is unique, rich and mature beyond her years. A voice that winds its way in and around songs in such a way she completely inhabits them, and with an ability to hit your very soul as she sings.

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In the video below, Jordan is singing a cover of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black‘ but with lyrics she wrote herself.  She is singing with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra — KORK — probably the most-loved orchestra in all of Norway.

And Jesus, that voice. And she is 10.

Choose Angelina Jordan for your Repeat Rotation Video today as well and play her loud and with headphones on. I guarantee you will come away from her feeling so thankful that you did.

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