Anna of the North’s ‘Baby’ is Chill, Mellow and Yearning

anna of the north baby

I’ve been listening to Anna of the North’s ‘Baby‘ today, a track from a project that is the result of a collaboration between Swedish singer Anna Lotterud and New Zealand producer Brady Daniell-Smith.

A project that has produced some of the sweetest Scandipop you will hear, with four singles and a slew of remixes out so far.

Baby‘, though, really grabbed me as it’s so chill and mellow, but with a lovely yearning feel to it. Listen to it in the Soundcloud widget below to see what I mean, and then check out the rest of Anna of the North’s lovely tracks on Soundcloud.

And, if you’d like to find out a little more about Anna of the North, who by the way has been performing in various places in Europe lately, I’d recommend starting by checking out her Instagram account.

Because she has a great eye for a photograph, and she is seriously photogenic.


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