Anne Hathaway Didn’t Meet Mariah Carey, and It’s a Good Thing (Video0

Anne Hathaway Mariah Carey Seth Meyers

It’s apparently a very good thing actress Anne Hathaway did not meet Mariah Carey on the red carpet at the premiere of her latest movie The Intern. That’s because Hathaway says she is so enamoured of Carey she would definitely have said something stupid.

Anne Hathaway was on Late Night with Seth Meyers last week, where Seth asked her about “losing her mind a little bit” on the red carpet because Mariah Carey was there.

Hathaway admitted she definitely did and then said, even though they were both standing on the same red carpet, she decided not to go over and introduce herself. She and Seth then did an improve where Hathaway acted out what she probably would have said and, yep, it’s a good job she didn’t meet Mariah Carey.

Watch Anne Hathaway talking about being blown away by Mariah Carey in the video below. She’s very very cute about it.

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