Anne-Marie sings ‘2002’ at The Biggest Weekend just like the studio version

Anne-Marie sings ‘2002‘ at The Biggest Weekend

British singer songwriter Anne-Marie was one of the many top artists at BBC Music’s The Biggest Weekend in Swansea yesterday.

And, just like Ed Sheeran, who Ann-Marie was supporting in concert last night, she also performed at The Biggest Weekend early in the day then rushed off to Manchester’s Etihad Stadium to get ready for their evening gig. Tireless, professional performers — both of them.

Anne-Marie’s six-song set list at The Biggest Weekend┬áhad her performing ‘Ciao Adios’, ‘Alarm’, ‘Heavy’, ‘Perfect’, ‘2002’ and ‘Friends‘. All songs from Speak Your Mind, her extremely successful debut album that was just released last month.

And I like watching Anne-Marie perform live as her voice is incredible. She has that gorgeous husky, almost yodel-like quality to her voice and she can certainly belt out those high notes with no problem. Plus, she sounds just like she does in the studio version, proving immediately there isn’t much auto-tuning going on.

I have to say, though, The Biggest Weekend‘s organizers didn’t do a particularly brilliant job with that stage, set up as it is miles away from the audience. No wonder the audience seems so dead with every new artist that arrives up there to perform.

After all, when not even Anne-Marie or Ed Sheeran with their fabulous sets can do much to wake the audience up, there is something wrong with the set up somewhere.

Do your best to ignore the dead audience, though, and watch Anne-Marie sing ‘2002‘ at The Biggest Weekend in the BBC’s video below. The track is the sixth single from her debut album, and became her fourth top 10 hit soon after its release.

2002‘, of course, was co-written by Anne-Marie, Julia Michaels, Benjamin Levin, Steve Mac and Ed Sheeran so, yes, they are a little closer than just concert partners too.

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