Ariana Grande on Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet Says “New Album Packs a Punch”

ariana grande billboard music awards 2016

Ariana Grande was on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards 2016 today (Sunday, May 22nd), where she was asked how it feels now her latest album has just been released.

Grande admitted “It does feel a little bit like the birth of a child, but it’s very exciting. I worked really hard on it and seeing people’s positive responses has meant so much to me.”

She went on to say the record “packs a punch. There’s lots going on on this album”, which there definitely is as Grande has created an album with lots of different genres of music all together in one package. Weirdly, though, it does work.

“I worked on it during the course of a year and a half and, of course, lots happens in life and being able to document how you’re feeling through music and make it fun, and also make it emotional, so that people feel something when they listen…I love being able to create and share stories through music”.

Ariana also talked about being part of the Billboard Hot 100 show this summer; something she is very excited about.

Watch Ariana Grande talk about her new album, and more, in the video below. And don’t miss checking out that rocking dress she’s wearing — she even managed to still look amazing in it as she tripped on the red carpet and almost went headlong (there’s her very cute interview with E! News right after it here).

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